After being active in music, poetry, and songwriting since the age of 12. At 18, Rob had his first involvement with a music group in San Francisco called TMC. He later teamed up with a New York-born Oakland Artist called Straight TMK of Ghetto Poet Society. Rob’s star shone rapidly while teaming up with these other artists, literally becoming one of the many gifted individuals who grew up around music, participating on many fronts. This experience was a blessing for Rob G, as many outstanding performances, songs, and collaborations were born from the experience.

Teaming up with Straight TMK resulted in many rap albums being produced, further allowing Rob to perfect his craft in several ways while making inroads on various platforms where he connected with listeners which also produced two high selling albums. Rob G premiered on several other projects including multiple maxi-singles and his solo Album “The Foretold Truth”. Rob also has a few other unreleased material which may be released in the future under throwbacks which features a range of other artists from all over the globe.

As an individual, Rob has constantly challenged himself to do better. He has championed the underground artist world as he managed to break through various limits, ending up collaborating with various artists. His special, excellent video on his song, Mask On, is one work that reveals the excellent ground he has made for himself in the industry – and to think that he came from the underground rap groups leaves one highly amazed at his progress.

Audiences who enjoy rap music with a poetic twist should brace themselves for several other gems to be released this year. He will release unique songs such as Don’t Like Us, Can I, Be Like You, What Else Is There, All In, Say So, Shake It, and Be the Goat, this year. He plans to be more aggressive with his music and become a household name in the near future. Rob will use his affiliation to record labels such as Paradigm Music Group SFX Inc., Rob G Music Group, and Ant Taylor Vision to produce more music for online platforms such as Spotify, etc., where thousands of listeners can listen to his thought-provoking rap music.